There’s a deadline looming

It’s a normal day at the office …….

You’ve got to finish a report.  You are anxious about a presentation you’re about to give. There’s a meeting with the boss in the diary. The phone won’t stop ringing and you’ve got a towering inbox of emails.   And to top it all you’ve got a headache and your shoulder hurts. 

It’s not surprising with this much pressure that by the time you go home you feel shattered.

It is certainly a challenge if you sit at a desk all day working on a computer or laptop.  Unaware that we are hunching our shoulders and jutting out our head towards the screen, we ignore any warning signs that we are uncomfortable until something starts to hurt.

The resulting injuries can be painful and debilitating. If you are struggling with severe back, neck or shoulder pain, or a repetitive strain injury, you may be forced to take time off work.

But you don’t have to be uncomfortable sitting at your desk.  You don’t have to tense your shoulders and neck when you speak in a meeting.  You can learn to do things differently.


The Alexander Technique can help you find a way to be more comfortable, help you think more clearly, and become more resilient to pressure

People often start to see changes after one or two appointments and say they feel more energetic, calmer, and more at ease.  And you will be learning a skill which is completely portable so it is something you can practice anywhere and at any time.

If you are unable to fit in a lesson around work, learning about the Alexander Technique in the workplace can be hugely beneficial.  If the organisation or company where you work would like me to give lessons to their staff, please do get in touch.