The Tyranny of the Telephone and Texts

I developed chronic neck pain about two years ago and was diagnosed with canal stenosis. I decided against the option of a risky operation which might not result in any improvement. The stenosis has been exacerbated by poor posture when working at the computer and I was not standing up properly when walking. I have been visiting Elizabeth for over a year and she has guided me to concentrate on walking in a more natural position without straining my spine and an attitude of mind towards movement and general  well being. I find the pain has eased and is much easier to manage. I can thoroughly recommend her treatment and would advise people suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain to contact her.


Nowadays it’s rare to spot someone who isn’t walking along the street head down checking messages, a phone clamped to their ear, or sitting on the tube or bus enthralled by the latest game.

Sitting at a desk in front of a computer was once the chief culprit for developing back, neck and shoulder pain

Our devotion to our phones means we have a world of information, communication, and entertainment at our fingertips almost anywhere we are.

But being able to be constantly connected is both a blessing and a curse, causing a crisis in posture.

Some of us practically conduct our lives by text resulting in headaches,  sore necks, shoulder pain, aching arms and wrists, as well as numbness.  Constantly looking down and craning your neck at an abnormal angle puts enormous strain on the spine.

The time we spend looking at portable screens has now even eclipsed the time we spend watching television according to a study by digital analysts Flurry amounting to nearly three hours on average a day.

British adults on average look at their smart phones every 12 minutes during waking hours according to the latest study by the media regulator Ofcom.  Two in five adults check their phone within five minutes of waking up, rising to 65% among those aged under 35

This has resulted in a new affliction coined by doctors – Text Neck! In other words – a lot of us are struggling with back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

The ability to stay in constant touch with the whole world is phenomenal.  But the endless checking of emails and texts can dominates people’s lives in both positive and negative ways adding another layer of pressure to our lives.