Alexander Technique at the BBC

You don’t need to be a club member to book an appointment

I am in the Therapy Room at BBC Club Alive W1, Wogan House, on Wednesday afternoons. Appointments available up to 7.30pm.

Are you sitting uncomfortably?

Suffering from Back Pain or Shoulder Pain?

Almost without exception everyone who comes to see me on Wednesday afternoons at the BBC is looking for a way to be more comfortable at work.

The combination of a screen, a deadline, the phone ringing, and all the other incessant calls for our attention makes it unsurprising that by the time we get home we feel tense, drained of energy, and uncomfortable.

Most of us will have spent practically all day sitting at a desk, peering at a laptop or computer. Everything we need is available in the narrow world of the screen and there’s no real excuse to leave your desk apart from getting a cup of coffee.

We are so focused on what we’re doing as we crane our neck towards the screen. We hold our neck and upper back in awkward positions which puts tremendous strain on our spine. The resulting pain can be chronic and debilitating.

My own experience

I used to work as a radio producer in BBC Broadcasting House.  It was a very interesting job which was unfortunately accompanied by persistent bouts of lower back pain.  The numerous therapies, treatments and exercises which I tried  temporarily helped but the pain always came back.

Then a friend recommended the Alexander Technique.  Finally I’d found something that put a stop to the pain and helped me understand what to do after a long day when my back felt tired and achy.

The Alexander Technique can help prevent injuries, as well as alleviate back pain, a stiff neck, headaches, persistent shoulder pain, slipped discs, sciatica, tendonitis, and repetitive strain injuries.

A recent study on chronic neck pain showed the Alexander Technique helps significantly. The results of another study published in the British Medical Journal showed there are long term benefits for lower back pain.

It can also improve your posture. But there’s no point trying to stand up straight with your shoulders pinned back, because within minutes you will have slumped back down again. Posture is about how we balance and hold ourselves whether we are answering emails, running for the bus, or eating spaghetti!

I am in the Therapy Room at BBC Club Alive W1, Wogan House, on Wednesday afternoons. Appointments available up to 7.30pm.

You don’t need to be a club member to book an appointment

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